Q. What if it rains on our shoot day?

A. The weather in Okinawa is inconsistent, unpredictable and can change rapidly.  Ultimately, the photographer and client want the same result, great images and so if the photographer doesn't feel he can create satisfactory images, we will reschedule with no additional fee.


Q. Are you a professional photographer?

A. A professional photographer is someone who makes 100% of their income from their photography.  At Leandros Rubio Photography, Inc. we do not rely on photography as our sole source of income. However, this does not mean we do not produce professional grade images.


Q. Can I get all the RAW unedited photos?

A. We do not give RAW images, as it is not a finished image.  All RAW images must go through post processing and be converted to a .JPG file or other viewable file format.


Q. What is the turn around time to deliver the images?

A. After the session is completed, we will meet at a mutually convenient time and place (approximately 5 days later) in order for you to choose your favorite images.  Once you have selected your images and settled any outstanding balance, products will be delivered within 15 business day.


Q. Do you edit all images?

A. Yes, all images will be carefully edited to make you look your best.  Any special requests, such as altering body shape, (which takes considerable amount of time), will be charged $25.00 per image.


Q. What are the payment methods

A.  We accept personal checks, PayPal, yen and dollars.


Q. Can I just buy images on a CD?

A. We do offer digital files on a thumb drive with our Packages.  However, we currently do not offer just a CD with digital images, we feel that is not a complete service.  We strive to provide the best product and service; experience has shown us a single 20"x30" print will say so much more than 400 images on a CD.  Additionally, all our packages offer Facebook Albums for all purchased images.


Q. Do we absolutely have to meet for a consultation?

A. The short answer is no.  We believe consulting with your photographer prior to booking is very important. You get to meet the person who will be photographing you, giving you the chance to see if you feel comfortable and like the way he/she operates.  It also lets the photographer get to know your story and how to best capture your personality. It gives everyone a sense of security and builds a trust that will translate into amazing images.


Q. How many images will I receive?

A. We are not a volume business.  Quality is of the upmost importance.  With that in mind, generally we will show 30-50 images per session.  The client will then pick his/her favorites, and that is what will be delivered.  

Q. Why should I hire you?

Because we guarantee your satisfaction.  In the unlikely event that you do not like any of the images, you don't have to buy any.

 In today's photography landscape, EVERYONE is a photographer.  Cameras are more available than ever, and more and more people can take snaps.  We truly believe in the early 20th century saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".  We offer a complete, friendly service and strive to deliver spectacular images that you will want to display for years to come.   

With the increase in available cameras, nobody is short of photos these days.  However, rarely are those photos printed and even fewer are displayed.  At Leandros Rubio Photography, we strive to deliver quality timeless images that your grandchildren will be proud to display.  Best thing to do is schedule a consultation today and you'll know the answer to this question.